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We live in times of great change. A time when the possibilities provided by technology are increasing day by day. This is a time when the physical and the virtual are merging, a time when geographical borders are being blurred, a time when every brand is just one click away. Nowadays every business has to be global and local simultaneously.

You want your business to succeed in these times? Then you can’t do without proper internet marketing that will allow you to be where your client is, to play by the rules of your client, to provide a great experience and to be a demanded (meaning to be best selling) brand in the era of digital technology.

As an internet marketer I can offer you:
  • Short term and long term internet marketing strategies

  • Consulting and training on internet marketing and social marketing

  • SMM and SEO

  • Creation of applications for social networks

  • Development of effective and selling websites at any level of complexity.

  • Any internet marketing materials including banners and direct mail newsletter templates

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Training "Secrets of Succeseful Internet Marketing"

How to increase your sales up to 50% and more? Which marketing tools are good for your business? Do you also need to invest in SEO or Social Media?

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Alina actively participates in the project and perfectly understands the tasks at hand. You can always rely on her to deliver high quality work.


Ana Lopez, project manager of the web-agency Metia (London)



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