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The right words for your business


Do you need text for a brochure? A promotional article? It is critical that the promotional text

talks about the most important issue. No superfluous words, paragraphs and long convoluted



Most importantly, you have to engage your audience. There are only a few factors that

determine whether someone will read your text to the end. You need an intriguing headline, a

lead that makes people think “YES! I need this.”


It is the task of any promotional text, regardless of the medium on which it is presented, to tell

about your product, to bring about respect and trust, and most importantly – to induce action

(fill in a form, to call, to register, to buy).


Oh, I love to write exactly for that! You will definitely feel the difference.

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We ordered a website promotion training from Alina. We liked the program very much! It was informative and abundant with current examples, rich with useful information, and specifically adjusted (as requested). A special thanks to Alina for the detailed answers and useful tips. I will gladly continue our cooperation!


Anastasia De, manager of



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