You like playing golf or tennis? Perhaps you enjoy relaxing in Turkey or conquering the Alps. I love writing. I have been doing it for 15 years now and it seems that (according to my clients) I am pretty good at it.
I’m promising you text that sells. These texts will be working for you while you are relaxing. Sounds good? Then let’s go!
As a copywriter and internet – marketer I can offer you:

  • SEO – copywriting

  • Text for websites and blogs

  • Text for advertising material

  • Text for presentations and other types of demonstrations

  • Press releases (including their distribution through Latvia’s media)

  • Naming and slogans

  • Maintaining of brand communities on social networks

  • Training in internet marketing

  • “All included” deals – web development + text + SEO + internet-marketing

… and this is not nearly all. You will also receive any necessary service that will guarantee you a result you will definitely like. You are only one step away from choosing the right internet-marketer for your business. Go ahead!


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Training "Secrets of Succeseful Internet Marketing"

How to increase your sales up to 50% and more? Which marketing tools are good for your business? Do you also need to invest in SEO or Social Media?

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Alina actively participates in the project and perfectly understands the tasks at hand. You can always rely on her to deliver high quality work.


Ana Lopez, project manager of the web-agency Metia (London)



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